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Lock Out

Tampa Towing Service - Lock Out

Getting yourself locked out of your car is a very unfortunate situation. Even if you try and take your precautions and be as “safe” as you possibly can with your decisions this is something that you may have to deal with at times. We are not psychologists or anything and it is not like we really could tell you what to do or not do in certain situations. It has been our experience though that people get overly frustrated and end up making matters worst a lot of times because of this. If you have found that you locked your keys in the car don’t panic and just give us a call!

Quick Service

We have trucks that are roaming the Tampa Bay area constantly. As we have said in other service pages just because you may see that our HQ is not necessarily close by does not mean that we don’t have a truck in the vicinity that can help you out. That is why we urge you to give us a call. If we truly find that we are not going to be able to provide the type of quick service that way may like to provide we may suggest that you call up a colleague of ours that may be nearby.

Finding Those Keys

We have been involved in some pretty wacky situations that see our guys end up joining the search party within the car to find the missing keys. What can we say, if opening the door for you was not enough help and you need a little extra effort on our part we would be more than happy to provide it. After all, in a case like that, we are already there. We truly just want to do our best to try and get you back on the road as quick as possible.

New & Old Locks

At times we really think that our guys may have been on the other side of the law before we hired them with the type of talent that they have! It’s just a joke though, we do pretty extensive background checks on our staff! What we can tell you about them is that they have the ability to handle locks on all sorts of vehicles. So it really does not matter if you call up and tell us that you lost your keys to a new Ferrari or that you left your keys inside your 95 chevy pick-up!


We work on a flat rate fee for these types of services. The fee is very affordable. We actually do that on purpose so that people won’t get themselves into more trouble just so they don’t have to pay up. We can offer different payment types so even if you left your wallet at home as well we can provide the service and take the payment at a later date. As we have repeated time and time again the idea is that you stay safe. Check out our next post of jump start.