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Accident Recovery


We know that for the most part, this is a call that no one wants to make. Again like with many of our services though, when you need to make the call it sure helps that you know what your best options are. Our accident recovery services actually cover the entire network of different situations that you can find yourself in after being involved in an accident. Pickups and drop-offs become very necessary in these situations. Knowing exactly how much everything is going to cost and setting time frames that are realistic as to when you may have your vehicle back can be a great way to ease all of the anxiety that comes with an accident.

Picking Your Car Up The Scene of The Accident

When you are in a wreck a lot of times you may be very confused about exactly what it is that you need to do. Do you have to wait for the cops to arrive? Can you call us directly? What we can say in this case is that your best bet is to give us a call. We can help you start sorting things out so that we will be legally able to come in and pick up your car.

Insurance Claims

Here is a part of the process where it would really help if you are a proactive person. We as a company have worked with many different insurance companies. We understand that in these cases no one likes to have to pay cash up front or anything like that. That is why giving us a call before you can find yourself in any of the situations that we cover especially this one and finding out how we work with your insurance company can really benefit you.

From The Impound To The Shop

As we previously mentioned the circumstances surrounding accidents tend to vary a lot. In some cases, your car will be towed away by the police until you pay certain fines to get it released. When you do that, you may have a car that is legally able to be released, but it cannot move on its own. In this situation what we can do is go pick it up and take it to the shop that is going to be fixing up your car. We can also take it back to your home if you need us to.

Junk Car Removal

In the worst case scenario, there is not going to be much that any type of mechanic is going to be able to do with your car. That being said, you won’t be able to just leave it on the side of the road. At times insurance companies are going to ask you to keep it until they can file your claims. Whatever the situation may be when everything is all set and done and you have junk metal pieces laying around that you are not going to use anymore give us a call. We can help take them out of your way. Find out here much more details about us.